Hоw to connect your Zoom account?

To attend Network Intensive events on Zoom, it is required to connect the user's account on University 20.35 platform and in Zoom using the official University 20.35 Authorization app. After the user agrees to authorize access to this application, we will save the information about the connected accounts and the user's email. In the future, when a user wants to join a lecture in Zoom, thanks to this connection, we will find out exactly who is watching the lecture. If the accounts are not connected, access to the lecture will not be granted.

Thanks to this connection, we will know which of the platform users attended the event, and in the future we will be able to recommend you other useful materials on the University 20.35 platform in accordance with its history of viewing thematic lectures.

In case the user wants to disconnect Zoom account, we will delete the account connection data and email from the University Platform 20.35.

How to connect an account

To connect accounts, you can go to the Accounts page in advance.

On the Accounts page, click Привязать (Connect):


You will be prompted to enter your Zoom username and password:


After that, agree to the offer to Authorize from Zoom


Everything is ready, accounts are connected, now you can watch online events.


If you have not connected accounts in advance, you will be prompted to connect
accounts the first time you open a link to an event in Zoom on the platform.


How to disconnect Zoom account and uninstall the University 20.35 Authorization app

If you want to disconnect your Zoom account, you can do this on the Accounts page by clicking the Отвязать (Disconnect) button.


In order for your data to be finally deleted, uninstall the application from the Zoom user account.
For this:

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account and go to the Zoom App Marketplace
  2. Click Manage-> Installed Apps and find University 20.35 Autorization
  3. Uninstall this application.



Q: Can I join university online events without a Zoom account?

A: The user must have a Zoom account, here is the instruction on how to register in Zoom and download the Zoom client - instruction

Q: Can i watch lectures if i don't want to connect my Zoom account to my University account?

A: No, access to lectures will appear only if accounts are connected

Q: Can I connect one Zoom account with multiple student accounts?

A: Only one account on the university platform can be connected with one Zoom account. If your Zoom account is already connected with another account on the platform, you will see a message like this:


If you share a Zoom account, only one of you will have access to university lectures. Register a personal Zoom account for each student. Follow the instructions "How to disconnect an account", "How to conenct an account" to make the correct connections.

If you haven't found the information you need in this article, please contact us: support@2035.university